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Weekly Tasks for completing

Work for week beginning 23rd March 2020


Task 1 Complete the first writing activity for Alma in your pack.

Task 2 Complete day 1, 2 and 3 of the Ten for Ten maths – Eggspecting booklet

Task 3  Complete the Grammar test. 

Task 4 Complete Reading Comp 1 below.


 You have been set 2 projects on scratch and 2 activities on Purple Mash.


Work for week beginning 30th March


Task 1 – Complete 2nd writing task for Alma in you pack.

Task 2 – Complete day 4,5 and 6 of the Ten for Ten maths –Eggspecting booklet

Task 3 – Complete the reading test.

Maths work this week


Click on the link maths is fun and click on Geometry - scroll down to Types of Angles.

Read through and do the questions on the following topics:


Angles round a point

Angles on a straight line 

Supplementary angles

Adjacent angles

A triangle has 180

Interior and exterior angles of polygons.


Once you have read up on angles and had a go at the questions at the end of each topic, have a go at the questions sheets below.