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w.b 27.04.20

Purple Mash


There are 6 activities set on Purple Mash:


Maths - rounding to 100

Counting forward and backwards in power of 10

Roman Numerals (watch the youtube video below for a quick guide on Roman Numerals)


Spellings - Week 2 Quiz on homophones ( spellings are attached below to practise)


Grammar - nouns, verbs and adjectives and parts of speech


Reading - Read Chapter 3 of A bridge on fire and answer comprehension questions

Some children have been given chapter 2 of a different text


It has been noted not many children are going on Purple Mash and completing these activities.  Some are going on and not completing ALL activities and seem to be choosing what they like.  You are supposed to complete ALL activities above!


If you are having issues logging on or have any questions, please email me on our class email


Well done to those children who have been going on and completing these activities. A special message has been sent out.






Roman Numerals: The Epic Guide

After the collapse of Ancient Rome, Roman numerals continued to be used throughout Europe until the 1600's and even find themselves used today for various pu...