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Half term project 23.05- 07.06

Happy half term- I hope you are all well. I am extremely proud of the amount of work you have all been completing at home. 

I hope you have a lovely half term with you households. 

I hope those of you who celebrate have a lovely Eid. 

Half term project


A bit of a different one for you all. This project is about you and the last 9 weeks. Be as creative as you like, below you will find some ideas:


What you have enjoyed/ missed,

Descriptions of your family members.

Floor plan of your house,

Map of your outdoor space or some outdoor space you have been to/visited. (Could you include a key),

Make up a game to play with your house hold,

A day in the life of an insect you have found/ seen, 

Could you write your families shopping list and find the prices using online supermarkets, how much will the total be?


This project is about you, be as creative as you can. You can send me things via the class email or show me when we return to school. 


Most of all have fun and enjoy being with your families.

In addition to this The Tour of Tameside this year is still going ahead but will be now a virtual tour. Last year there were 7000 Tameside children and 30 schools taking part. This year, we know it will be different, however more children will be able to take part, combining it with their daily exercise at home. You do not need to run/ walk to these places- this can be done from home.


You can run/ jog or walk 7 miles during that time and track your progress on the sheet attached below.Once you have finished you will be able to access a certificate via a download (from a link that I will send out in the holidays).


Good luck, have fun! - remember healthy body = healthy mind