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Every Friday the school has a Superstars Assembly at 9.10am. This is where children chosen by their teachers for good work are rewarded. Parents of those children chosen will be personally invited to the assembly, but other parents are also welcome.
The Superstars will be recorded in the table below:


24/01/2020 Eesa Ali Kerr For super 3D Shape work.
24/01/2020 Amira Hussain Murphy For working more independently.
24/01/2020 Rishan Miah Carle For settling in really well in a new school.
24/01/2020 Faathiha Begum Jeffers Being an amazing dancer and making everybody smil
24/01/2020 Isha Zahra Rundell For fantastic effort in reading at home.
24/01/2020 Syra Hussain Ahlberg Improved attitude to learning.
24/01/2020 Aaliyah Idris-Alexander Zommer For using Reading + and giving 100% in everything.
24/01/2020 Abu Zuhair Palacio For an amazing attitude to his learning and being an excellent citizen of Greenfield Primary School.
24/01/2020 Sayma Basha-Alam Rauf For her comittment to learning.
24/01/2020 Maria Begum Sachar For her comittment to learning.