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Spring Term

Easter Nests 


Today we learnt all about Easter. We made Easter Nests by melting chocolate and mixing it with shredded wheat then added some chocolate eggs on top. They tasted delicious! 

Food Tasting 


Today some of the children who are working on eating a wider range of healthy foods 

 worked as a group to chop up different vegetables then dip them into a selection of yummy dips.  They also enjoyed colouring in vegetable pictures whilst they enjoyed their healthy snack. 


Book Start 📚 


Today Sarah the Liberian came to school to tell the parents all about the library and how to sign up. She read them a story and all the children got a free book. Thank you to the parents who came! 

Mystery Reader


Today our Mystery Readers were Ibrahim's mum and dad. They read the story Farmer Duck linked to our farm topic. The children really enjoyed the story!

Chick Writing 


Take a look at the photos below to see some of the writing we have done in response to our class chicks. 

Mother’s Day Cards


Today we looked at photos of our mums and discussed all the kind things they do for us. We then made cards to give them on Mother's Day. 

Mystery Reader


Today our Mystery Reader was Daniyal's dad. Daniyal was so excited to see his dad in school and all the children enjoyed listening to the story. 

Chicks 🐥 


Today when we got the chicks out we noticed how much they had grown. Their necks and legs had got much longer and they had feathers on their wings. The chicks enjoyed fluttering their wings and running around. 


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Healthy Cooking


Today the children enjoyed making healthy potato skins. They mixed potato with cheese and vegetables then put them in the potato skins. Once they had all cooked the children enjoyed eating them. They are getting much better at trying a range of healthy food. 


Chick Update 🐥 


We have now had eight chicks hatch. They have been transferred from the incubator into a bigger box with food, water and a light to keep them warm. Today we held them for the first time. They felt so soft and fluffy. 


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Class Chicks 


When we came to school this morning we were surprised to see that three of the chicks had hatched! They looked very tired from pushing themselves out of the egg shell. Tomorrow we will take these chicks out of the incubator and put them in the chick box. We can’t wait for more to hatch. How exciting! 

Vegetable Pizzas 


To encourage certain children to try a wider variety of foods they made vegetable pizzas. After kneading the dough to create the pizza bases they then used broccoli to spread the tomato purée on then added cheese and a selection of healthy chopped up vegetables. Once the pizzas had cooked the children enjoyed eating them. 

Hatching Chicks 🐣 


Today we discovered an incubator in our classroom with ten eggs inside. We learnt about how to keep the eggs safe whilst in our care and discussed what is going to happen to them. We are so excited for the chicks inside to hatch! 

Mystery Reader 


Today our mystery reader was Amaara’s mum. She read the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The children enjoyed listening to her read and joined in with the repeated refrain in the book. 

Silly Science Show


The children really enjoyed the Silly Science show today. During the show they set fire to cotton wool dipped in ‘rocket fuel’, used oxygen to put out fire, created chemical reactions and much more! It was lots of fun and the children were all keen to talk about the changes that occurred during the different science experiments.





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Farm Trip 


We had the most amazing day at Smithills farm! We fed the animals, held lots of different animals, went on a bumpy tractor ride, watched cows being milked, each went on a donkey ride and much more. It was a super busy but super fun day. We learnt so much! Take a look at some of the photos below. 


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Mystery Reader 


This week our Mystery Reader was Sahir’s mum. She read ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children really enjoyed listening to her read. 

Parachute Fun 


We had lots of fun working as a team to keep the balls from falling off the parachute. We also had a competition to see which ball we could get the highest.


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Mystery Reader 


Today our Mystery Reader was Holly’s mum. The children enjoyed listening to her read the story ‘Five Minutes Peace’. 


World Book Day 📚 


This week we have focused our work around World Book Day. We read and discussed a range of books then chose our favourite to write about. We then used the water colours to paint a picture from the book. Take a look at the photos of our work below. 

We had a great day all dressed up as book characters and even had a visit from the author Bernard Young! He helped us make up a poem about our trip to the farm next week then sang the poem with us whilst playing his guitar. 


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Pancake Day 🥞 


The children all enjoyed making pancakes this morning. In the afternoon we discussed which was our favourite pancake topping and recorded this as a pictogram on the IWB. We then looked at which was the most/least popular topping and worked out how many more/fewer votes particular toppings had than others. 

Painting Outside 🌷 


The children noticed that the bulbs they had planted over winter have began to sprout out of the soil and flower. They enjoyed painting pictures of the flowers outside whilst observing them. 

Patterns and Shape 


This week we have also been learning all about patterns and shapes. We have enjoyed using vegetables grown on farms to paint vegetable colour patterns, matched animals to the correct patterns and have used 2D shapes to make tractor pictures. 



This week we are learning all about money. The children have enjoying using different coins to buy food from the class farm shop. We also took the money and till outside because the weather has been so sunny everyone wanted to learn outside. We enjoyed making food in the mud kitchen to sell and learning with the big coins. 

Farm Shop 


The children are very excited to learn in the new farm shop role play areas. Only two weeks till our trip to the farm! How exciting! 

Spring 2


This half term we be learning all about farm animals. We are looking forward to visiting the farm, hatching chicks from eggs and much more! Look at our Spring 2 curriculum map on the ‘class information’ page for more details on what we are learning. 

Owl Babies🦉


 This week we are enjoying doing work linked to the story 'Owl Babies'. We have used the small world props to act out the story, worked on subtraction when the owls have flown away and have created Owl Babies pictures on the Interactive Whiteboard (click the pdf links below to have a look at some examples).

Mystery Reader 


Today our mystery reader was Ayaan’s dad. The children enjoyed listening to him read the story and joined in with the noises of the animals in the book. 


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Making Bread 🍞 


Today the children made bread, extending their learning around the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children were able to follow the recipe to make bread using their phonics knowledge and the visuals with a little support. They used language related to quantities, discussing whether more or less of each ingredient was needed. They were encouraged to use time conjunctions (first, next, after that, then, finally) with Talk for Writing actions when talking through the sequence of making the bread. When asked they were able to describe how the different ingredients felt ‘e.g. soft, sticky’ and what happened to them once they were mixed together. The children knew that the bread had to be put in the oven to bake and were able to use language related to time when talking about how long it needs to stay in the oven for. Once the bread was ready the children showed good control when spreading butter and jam on the bread to eat.


Snow ❄️ 


The children enjoyed exploring the snow whilst learning outside today. They were able to describe how the snow felt and why it melted. The children also enjoyed completing the different challenges outside. Take a look at the photos below. 

Library Visit 📚 


Today we went on a walk to our local Library. We met James the librarian who read us a story and sang songs with us. We then had lots of fun exploring and reading the different books. 

The Little Red Hen


The children are enjoying doing work focused around the book ‘The Little Red Hen’. They have been using story maps and Talk for Writing actions to retell the story, writing parts of the story and have made Little Red Hen crafts using a variety of materials. Next week the children will be making bread and will also be sampling different types of bread in the investigation area.


We have started our ‘animal’ topic by creating a vets in our role play area. The children have enjoyed taking on the role of the vet and treating the animals to make them better. Take a look at the pictures below. 

This half term our topic is 'Animals’. In this topic we will be walking to Asda to buy ingredients to make bread with (linking to The Little Red Hen story), using descriptive language to write about the Gruffalo, trying to find the Gruffalo in the local woods and much more!