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Roaring Readers

ROAR - Raising Our Attainment in Reading



Once every half term the school has a special Roaring Lions Assembly at 9.05am. This is where children are rewarded for showing a big improvement in their reading.  Parents of those children chosen will be personally invited to the assembly, but other parents are also welcome.


For the half term up to December 2019,  our Roaring Readers are:-


Kerr Adam Kadir For super effort in phonics.
Murphy Faatimah Amatullah Moving up 2 colour bands and answering retrieval questions with evidence from text.
Carle Hashim Baradi For blending and segmenting CVC words and reading short sentences.
Jeffers Esme-Faith Smith Emmanuell Her love of reading in school and at home.  She has a fantastic and committed attitude to improving her reading.
Rundell Isa Gani For choosing the heaviest books to work on his arm muscles!
Ahlberg Syra Hussain Settled in and reading well in school.
Zommer Fatima Begum For never missing a day with her reading and writing excellent comments in her book and always using Reading Plus at home.
Palacio Raisa Alam For exceptional answers to reading questions.
Rauf Mariah Yusuf Improving her reading and moving up 2 colour bands.
Sachar Jilan Uddin For using the skill of skimming and scanning to answer questions.