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Mrs Sanson's Art ideas

Hello everyone welcome to my page with creative ideas that you can do at home.

There will be ideas for printing, painting, sketching, photography and much more.

I am also going to upload Art ideas that I have made with my own children to inspire you.

Have a go and if you would like to send me a photograph of your work I would love to see it.


Take care and hopefully I will see you all soon!  



Mrs Sanson

Key worker display


Last week I was working in school with the children of Key workers.

We decided to make a display to celebrate the work of everyone who is working to keep us safe at the moment.

Everyone enjoyed getting messy with the paint, and it is so easy to do.

All you need is paint, paper and a pen to draw each face.

Have fun!


1. Paint your hand and print it onto a piece of paper.


2. Use your thumb or fingers to print the faces.


3. Decide which key worker it is and paint the uniform.


4. When the paint is dry draw the features onto each face.





Decorations for VE Day


VE Day celebrations take place on Friday 8th May to commemorate 75 years since the end of world war 2. Celebrations will take place around the country and many people are making decorations.

I have been making decorations with my own family at home.

The government have created a special page with lots of resources to colour and make at home. The email address is



If you then go to the link 'dedicated toolkit' you will find bunting to print and make, and posters to colour and put on your window.


We had lots of fun making bunting to decorate the garden.

See what you can make, and send me a photo to show me.




Mehbub in Year 2 has made a fabulous Union Jack on Purple Mash.





Mrs Stokes has been making some wonderful decorations with her children to decorate her garden. They look fantastic, I love the VE Day poster and flags!











Mrs Higginson has also been busy decorating with her children ready for celebrating VE Day. The bunting looks wonderful decorating her garden.





Reception and Nursery Art


I have been so pleased to see how creative the children in Early Years have been.

Please continue to send me photos of the work you have created at home I love to see them.





Key Stage One Art


These beautiful pictures have been created on Purple Mash. The clever designers are Mehbub, Hasim, Tanha and Ibrahim from Year 1/2.
















Key Stage Two Art


This wonderful paper art has been created by Hassan and his family.

I love how expressive the creatures are, they are spectacular!







Why not try the ideas below to be creative at home.






Creating a rainbow for the NHS



To say thank you to the NHS I have created a rainbow with my children at home.


Rainbow instructions


1.) Stick 9 pieces of paper together to make a big sheet. If you would like to make a smaller picture that is fine.


2.) Use a pencil or black felt tip to draw the outline of your rainbow.


3.) Decide what you are going to use to colour your rainbow, it could be crayons, paint or   even scrap materials from your home.


4.) Colour your rainbow in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple.


5.) We decided to turn our rainbow into a collage and stuck lots of pieces of scrap paper over the top.


6.) Complete your rainbow with a thank you message for the NHS.


7.) Display your rainbow in your window for everyone to see.


Don't forget to send me photographs of your work, I would love to see them!


If you are happy to have your work displayed on the website please send your work to your class teacher and they will forward it on to me.

Remember to put your name on.


Thank you







Creative ideas for at home