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This term our topic is on WW2



Connected Curriculum

We will be looking at:

-The chronology of British events and where does WW2 fall in the timeline

- How the war started and who was involved

- Who are the allies and axis

- German invasion on the world map and it's impact

- How the war affected Britain which includes every day life


These are the key skills we will be looking at in History

- To be able to place WW2 on a chronology timeline

- Looking at sources to make historical enquiry, this can include pictures and artefacts


We will be visiting the Imperial War museum soon

Look out for the pictures!






The book we will be looking at in English will be 'The letters from the lighthouse ' by Emma Carroll.

This is a historical mystery set in WW2 times.  When Olive's sister goes missing during an air raid.  Olive is determined to find out what happened..Olive and Cliff (her younger brother) get evacuated, but they are both dertermined to find out what has happened to their sister.



Using this book as our inspiration, we will be writing a diary from Olive's point of view.

we will be looking at the features of diary writing and using our grammar skills to incorporate into our diary writing.

We will also be writing a newspaper report and imagine we there during The Blitz and report what happened during that time.



This term in maths:

- To identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation, using apporpiate language and know that the shape has not changed


- To identify 3D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids from 2D representation


- To know that angles are measured in degrees, estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles

- Draw given angles, and measure them in degrees

- Distinguish between regular and irregular polygons based on reasoning about equal sides and angles

- Identify angles at a point and 1 whole turn (total 360 degrees)

- angles at a point on a straight line and half turn (total 180 degrees)

Our trip to the imperial war museum

Our Blitz display

Art work leading up to our final piece