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Class Learning Pack


On 17th March, your child was sent home with a class learning pack


The pack includes:

  • Times tables games to help them continue to learn times tables


  • Current maths work on adding and subtracting decimal numbers with word problems


  • Two creative writing tasks, children will need to think about all the writing skills we have learnt since September, which includes: fronted adverbials, varied punctuation e.g. commas, inverted commas for speech, semi colon and capital letters and full stops
  • Parenthesis, brackets and dashes
  • varied sentences, complex sentences and relative clauses
  • WOW vocabulary


  • WW2 project ( check the link below to see more details about this project)


  • As well as learning, it's important children stay active and there is an WOW active challenge card for children to complete (please check link below for Year 5 and Year 6)


The Year 6 have been given a separate learning pack with their SATs revision guideline and work.

Year 6 are also advised to visit Mrs Bawany's class page to complete learning tasks.