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Year 1 has P.E. lessons on Tuesdays which will be taught by our professional sports coaches. P.E. kit consists of black shorts, white T-Shirt and black pumps.


P.E kits need to be in school at all times. They can be taken home at the end of each half term to be washed.


Please remember that children are not allowed to wear any earrings for health and safety reasons. If your child has recently had earrings put in, please cover earrings with a plaster for P.E. before bringing your child to school in the morning.




Homework will be sent home on Friday and will consist of weekly spellings, and number bonds to 10 practise. There will occasionally be a piece of Topic work. If there are any issues regarding homework please feel free to talk to a member of the staff team.


Your child's topic map will be displayed at the front of their homework book so you can talk about their learning at home. 


Every child has been provided with a plastic wallet to keep their homework in. 


Please return completed homework in the plastic wallet by Wednesday.



Book bags


Book bags should be brought to school and taken home each day. Support your child by hearing him or her read and writing a comment in your child´s yellow reading diary.


Reading books will be sent home in book bags. Every week your child´s teacher will hear your child read. To do this we need you to make sure home books are safely kept in book bags. When your child has read us in school their reading book will be sent home that night. Please note this will be anytime during the week. We encourage your child to re-read the same book to you over the week until it is changed again. This will increase their confidence.