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Teacher- Miss Mortlock

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Khan



The children have P.E every Monday and Tuesday, they therefore must have their P.E kits in school on these day. It would also be useful for each child to have their P.E kit in school every day. 



Children must read every evening at home, this can take many forms:

  • Reading Plus- computer, laptop or tablet, 
  • Reading their school book to an adult or older sibling,
  • Reading a reading book to an adult or older sibling. 

Parents are expected to sign the children's yellow reading records, every time they have read their reading book.  


Homework is given out every Friday and must be returned by the following Wednesday. This allows any children who are struggling chance to speak to either Miss Mortlock or Mrs Khan.

Please ensure you see your child's homework, and sign it. This is so you are aware of what your child is learning in school and you can see they are giving 100% in all work, including that outside the classroom.  


Extra information


The curriculum map is glued into their homework books. Please make sure you check your child's school bag for any letters or trip consent forms. 


This half term, we are learning about Charles Darwin and evolution. The children will research the life of Charles Darwin and his journey around the world. We will study fossils and develop our understanding of how animals and plants have changed over time. The children will also develop their close observational and sketching skills to record the plant and insect life within the school playground.
This half term, we are learning about the geography of the UK. We will learn about the countries that make up the UK as well as the major cities in each country. We will then take part in a challenge to persuade others that our chosen city is the most interesting one to visit.

Curriculum Map

summer 1 The curriculum map gives information about our topic.


summer 2

In summer 2 we will be learning how to be entrepreneurs!

The curriculum map explains what we are covering in our different subjects.