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Autumn Term

Christmas Party


We had a great Christmas party today. We played games, had a visit from Santa who gave us all a present and enjoyed lots of party food. Merry Christmas! 




Thank you to everyone who came to watch our nativity. We had a great time practising and performing it. 

Christmas Walk 


Today we went on a walk to Hyde post office to post a letter to Father Christmas. We also enjoyed looking at the decorations and each had a hot chocolate and ginger bread Christmas tree.

Mince Pies 🥧 


Today we made mince pies. Once they had baked we ate them for snack. What a tasty Christmas treat. 

Christmas Train 


Today we went on a trip to the garden centre. When we arrived we each got a ticket to ride the miniature railway to Santa’s grotto. Whilst on the train we held on carefully and enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations. When we saw Santa he spoke to us all and gave us each a present! We even had time to play in the play area afterwards. 

Paper Chains 


Today we used our fine motor skills to make paper chains. We worked on continuing a colour pattern whilst linking the chains. 

Owl Babies 🦉 


Today we made owl baby pictures. We mixed black and white to make grey and sponged it on the paper then cut out a beak and added eyes. We then labelled our picture using our phonics knowledge. 

Shape Biscuits 


Today we made shape biscuits. We followed a simple recipe and worked on naming and describing the shapes. 



The children enjoyed learning all about Bonfire Night. They had fun making chocolate sparklers and watched sparklers outside whilst learning how to stay safe. 

Mystery Reader 


Our mystery reader today was Mubrura’s mum. The children all enjoyed listening to her read Little Red Riding Hood. 

Pumpkin Pie 🎃 🥧 

Today the children enjoyed exploring the pumpkin and followed a recipe to make pumpkin pie. We can’t wait to try it tomorrow. 

Herb Hoop 


We have been learning all about autumn leaves and today we decided to look at other leaves by introducing a herb hoop into our investigation area. The children enjoyed using their sense to explore the different herbs and could use talk structures to talk about which herbs they liked the smell of and which they didn’t like. 

Mystery Reader 


Today our Mystery Reader was Jack's mum. She choose to read 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.

Woods ðŸ 

This morning we went on a stroll to the deep dark woods to look at seasonal changes. The children commented and asked questions about the leaves changing colour and falling onto the ground. They enjoyed crunching the autumn leaves and exploring the woods for conkers and acorns to take back to school for the investigation area.

Avocado Baby🥑 


This week the children have been doing work linked to the book ‘Avocado Baby’. We have looked at photos of ourselves when we were babies and talked about changes, tried avocados and used the language of explanation talk structures to discuss if we like them or not, made guacamole and have done a growing experiment with the avocado stones. 

Mystery Reader 


Today our Mystery Reader was Innayah’s mum. She chose to bring a book from home called ‘Freddie the Frog’. The children all enjoyed looking at the pictures and listening to her read. 



We have been using natural objects from outside to mark make. We noticed that lots of new colours were made when we mixed them.

Cinnamon Cakes 


Today we baked cinnamon cakes. The children were able to use the photo recipe book of themselves making the cake previously (without cinnamon) and follow instructions to balance the ingredients with two eggs. They then added the cinnamon and used their fine motor skills to scoop the mixture into paper cases. Once they had cooked we ate them for snack. What a tasty autumn treat! 

Talk Station 


The children really enjoyed looking at baby pictures of themselves in the Talk Station today and tried to guess who was who. They spoke about changes and used the language structure ‘I/He/She...’


Mystery Reader  


Today our Mystery Reader was Adam Kadir’s mum. She read ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’ The children enjoying finding out which animal came next in the book and joined in with the different animal noises. 


Dough Disco 


The children are really enjoying the Dough Disco sessions whilst strengthening the muscles in their fingers to help with writing. 

Numicon Bread 


To reinforce Numicon work the children have been doing in class this week we decided to bake Numicon bread. The children weighed and mixed the ingredients, then kneaded the dough and rolled it into a ball. They pressed a Numicon piece into the dough and left it to rise before baking it. What a tasty treat. 

Numicon Printing 


The children enjoyed printing with the Numicon and were then challenged to find the numeral that represents each Numicon amount and write it down. The children were also encouraged to give reasons for their answers, using the language structure ‘I know it is ... because it has .... holes’. 

Mystery Reader 


Today our Mystery Reader was Khizar’s mum. She chose to read ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. The children all enjoyed finding out which animal got on the bus next and sang along. 


Still image for this video

Face Biscuits 


As part of our ‘All About Me’ topic the children have enjoyed making face biscuits. They made icing sugar then spooned it onto the biscuits and added chocolate buttons for eyes and a nose then a strawberry lace for the mouth. They tasted delicious! 



The children have shown lots of interest in climbing and exploring the trim trail outside but sometimes need support with balancing so we decided to make a slack line with rope between two trees to help develop their balancing skills. The children followed simple instructions to help make the slack line then enjoyed moving along it as modelled with their hands on the top rope and their feet on the bottom one. 

Mystery Reader 


Today our Mystery Reader was Ariana’s mum. The children enjoyed listening to her read and learnt about animals that live on the farm and the noises they make. 

Exploring School 


Today we went on a walk around school. We visited the office staff, the staff room, the KS1 & KS2 classrooms and the library. The children enjoyed meeting the new people around school. 

Talking Telephone 📞 


To develop more conversation between some children we have introduced the talking telephone outside. The children are enjoying speaking to each other on the phone using language structures modelled by teachers and imitating what their parents say whilst on the phone. 

Baking Cakes 🎂


The children have really shown an interest in making play dough birthday cakes and acting out birthday celebrations with the stacking cake in the role play house so we decided to follow this interest and bake cakes. The children all learnt how to use the balance scales to balance the flour, sugar and butter with an egg to get the amount needed then mixed it all together. Once cooked the cakes tasted delicious! 

Mystery Reader 


Today Hamza’s mum was our first Mystery Reader of the school year. She read ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ The children all enjoyed listening to her read. 

Laptops ðŸ’» 


On a Monday morning we enjoy learning ICT skills on the laptops. Today was our first lesson. We learnt how to open the laptops, turn them on/off and practised using the mouse pad. 

Parachute Fun


On Friday we decided to take the parachute into the hall and have some fun. We really enjoyed whipping the ball up and down on the parachute and running underneath it. 

Apple Crumble 


The children had a great time making apple crumble in the kitchen this morning. They followed a recipe and knew to wash the apples and their hands to get rid of any germs. When asked they were able to talk about where the apples came from and use language structures to talk about how they made the apple crumble. 

Apples 🍎 


Whilst learning outside we noticed the trees in our orchard had ripe apples on. We decided to pick them to make apple pie and apple crumble with next week. 

First Day 


We had a great first day at Greenfield. The children made lots of new friends, learnt the classroom rules and routines and enjoyed exploring all the areas. All the Reception children also went into the hall for lunch. Take a look at the photos below.

This half term our topic is 'All About Me’. In this topic we will be sharing photos of ourselves when we were babies, using our senses to explore a range of healthy foods, labelling different body parts and much more! Keep checking this page for photos of what we are learning.