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Autumn Term

Christmas Party 🎅 


We had a lots of fun at our Christmas party today. We played games in the hall, had lots of party food and even had a visit from Santa!


Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our Christmas nativity today! 

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Mystery Reader


This weeks Mysetry Reader was Hidayah’s big sister. The children really enjoyed listening to her read. 😊

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Christmas Cards 


We enjoyed learning with the paints and glitter to create our Christmas cards! 

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Post Office 


This afternoon we went on a walk to the post office in Hyde to post our letter to Farther Christmas in the North Pole. We bought a stamp, stuck it on and posted the letter in the red post box. Then we went to Hyde mall to visit the ‘Magical Christmas Walkway’. The children enjoyed sitting in the sleigh, playing with the pretend snow and stroking the reindeer. 

Mystery Reader


Thank you to Khizir’s mum who was our mystery reader today. The children enjoyed the story and were keen to answer questions about it. 

Stocking Crafts


The children used their fine motor skills to decorate stockings by spreading glue then sticking on cotton wool and glittered shapes. They were encouraged to identify the shapes used. They then threaded their stockings onto ribbon, ready to hang up in the classroom next week when decorating it for Christmas. 

Christmas Tree Decorating 🎄


Today the children really enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. First we added lights followed by tinsel and decorations. Then we turned the lights off to see how beautiful the tree looked all lit up in the dark. 

Mystery Reader


Today our mystery reader was Umayrah’s dad. He chose to read the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. He used lots of expression when telling the story and asked the children lots of questions about it. 😀


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Cinderella WOW


The children were very excited to find Cinderella’s dress, glass slipper, magic wand and a pumpkin, along with the story book ‘Cinderella’ in the classroom this morning. They showed lots of interest when listening to the story and couldn’t wait to dress up as Cinderella. The children are now very excited for the Cinderella pantomime on Thursday. 

Fish Wow


On Monday morning the children were amazed to find that fish had appeared in the EYFS classrooms, linking to the focus book ‘The Rainbow Fish’. They enjoyed watching the fish, feeding the fish and reading nonfiction books to learn more about them. They have produced some amazing pictures and writing linked to our class fish. Take a look at the photos below.

Shape Biscuits 


To reinforce shape names we decided to make shape biscuits. Before making the biscuits the children were able to manage washing their hands to get rid of any germs, then listened to instructions on what to do. They all took turns making the mixture and rolling it out.The children then selected a shape cutter to cut their biscuit out with. Once cooked the children decorated the biscuits using icing sugar and smarties.

Autumn Walk


Today the children went for a walk to the woods. They followed a path through the woods, walking along a bridge, climbing up the steps and walking up and down slopes covered in leaves. They looked at what was happening to the trees and saw the leaves were falling down. They saw that the leaves were different colours and shapes and collected leaves to bring back to school. Whilst walking through the woods they stopped to listen to the different sounds they could hear such as the birds and the stream. The children were able to listen to and follow simple instructions with some support.



Mrs Koria set the room up with candles, music, incenses sticks, mats on the floor for the children to sit on and Diwali artifacts. The children were able to listen to the story of Rama and Sita then make comments in talk partners about the story. They were able to to talk about other festivals they celebrate, discussing similarities and differences between them and Diwali.

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Firework Pictures 


Following the input around Bonfire Night the children were directed to create firework pictures. They enjoyed exploring a range of coloured paints; flicking the paint and mixing it together to create more colours. The children were then challenged to use their phonics knowledge to write down words that represent sounds heard when listening to fireworks (such as pop, bang).

Tulips 🌷 


Whilst outdoors the children planted tulip bulbs. They placed the bulbs upright in the soil then used the scoop to cover the bulbs with more soil. We can’t wait for them to grow! 

Baking Cakes

The children worked as a group to make birthday cakes for Charlie Bears birthday. First they washed their hands independently to get rid of any germs. Then they used the balancing scales to balance the flour, sugar and butter with an egg and took turns mixing it all together in a bowl. After that the children spooned the mixture into paper cases and put them in the oven to cook. Once they had cooled down the children decorated them for Charlie Bears party.

Rabbit Visit 


Today the children had a visit from Fluffy the rabbit. They sat in a circle whilst Fluffy hopped around. The children were able to stay quiet with some encouragement so they wouldn’t scare Fluffy. When Fluffy came near them they stroked her gently, showing awareness of their actions. 


Messy Fun


The children enjoyed exploring the shaving cream. They spoke about how it felt and made marks in it. 

Self Portraits 


After looking at photos of themselves the children were then asked to paint their own self portrait. Some children were able to use lines and circles to enclose spaces that represent facial features and even select the appropriate colours. All the children tried their best!

Back to School 


We are now all settled and back into our school routine. Take a look at the photos below of what we have been upto in our first few weeks. 

This half term our topic is 'All About Me'. In this topic we will be painting self portraits, looking at baby pictures of ourselves and discussing how we have changed, baking cakes then counting out the correct number of candles for each cake and much more! Photos will be posted on this page :)