Young Readers Programme

The children in Year 4 and Year 5 have been chosen to take part in the Young Readers Programme 2017. This is a programme which has been funded and developed by National Literacy Trust to encourage the children's reading for enjoyment. 


The children will be taking part in the following events:


1.  A Book Hunt – 25 April 2017


2.  Night-time Reading – 22 June 2017


3.  Trip to Crown Point Shopping Centre – 5 July 2017


Before each event the children will have the opportunity to discuss their favourite books and will be able to explore new authors and different genres. They will then be given support to choose a book which they find interesting and is at the right level for them.


During each event there will be fun activities and the opportunity to read the book of their choice and share it with a friend. 


Young Readers Programme letter to Parents

For the book hunt, the children had to find clues relating to reading, discuss the meaning and follow the clue to find the next one. The clues led them to Foundation Stage outdoor area where they found their chosen book and we able to read their book outdoor.