Roaring Lions

ROAR - Raising Our Attainment in Reading



Once every half term the school has a special Roaring Lions Assembly at 9.05am. This is where children are rewarded for showing a big improvement in their reading.  Parents of those children chosen will be personally invited to the assembly, but other parents are also welcome.


For the half term up to the 27th October 2017,  our Roaring Lions are:-



Sanja Hossain For showing an interest in    stories.                    


Red Room

Blue Room

Saima Begum


Umaiza Ali

For great effort towards reading.

For amazing segmenting and blending when reading.

Year 1

Ahnaf Khan

For a massive improvement in his reading!

Year 1-2

Eliane Tavares

Fantastic attitude to reading books - always trying her best.

Year 2

Nureen Shah

for a huge improvement in application of phonics!

Year 3

Abbas Ahmed

For fabulous answering questions in reciprocal reading.

Year 3-4

Miftahur Talukdar

For a huge effort with reading at home and Reading Plus.

Year 4

Timom Rahman

For really trying hard and improving his reading.
Year 5/6a Alfred Rodgers For excellent progression in Reading Plus.

Year 5/6b

Shanum Dewan

Superb effort in reading.

Year 6

Saarah Ashraf

For her progress in Reading Plus.