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The school has 1.5 classes in each year group, and so has some mixed age classes.  Because of this, we operate a two year rolling curriculum.  Children may start the curriculum in year 2 of the cycle, but over the course of their time in each phase (Nursery and Reception, Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 or Year 5 and 6) , they will cover all of the curriculum.


For 2016/17 we are on the first year of our two year programme.  Each phase's curricular areas are identified below:

Finding more information


Parents, other stakeholders and members of the public can find out more information in the following ways:


The first point of contact should be your child's class teacher who will be able to talk you through the topics your child will be covering.  If you would like any of the information here explaining or would like more in-depth information they will be able to help you.


If you would like to speak with someone other than your child's teacher, then we have a Curriculum Leader who can be contacted through the school office.  They will be able to explain the whole school curriculum in more depth and explain the rationale behind this.

This document identifies the whole curriculum and in which year group and year of the two year programme it is covered.
Click on the Icons below to see the topics that each year group follows.