Meet The Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher -                        Mrs N Frost

                                               Child Protection

                                               Staff Governor


Deputy Headteacher              Mrs L Killingbeck

                                               Special Educational Needs Coordinator

                                               Social Inclusion Manager

(Mrs Killingbeck may be contacted via the school office, details on the 'contact details' page)                                              


Teaching Staff - From September 2018


CLASS                            TEACHER              



Foundation Stage Unit

Miss L Olive

Miss J Tomkinson



Year 1

Mrs L Killingbeck

Mrs J Sanson


Art and Design

Year 1/2 Mrs J Fildes  
Year 2 Mrs J Stokes English
Year 3 Mr G Piper Maths
Year 3/4 Mrs N Dagostina Religious Education
Year 4 Mrs S Bawany Assessment
Year 5/6A Mrs J Ashton


Year 5/6B Mrs S Ahmed P.E.
Year 6 Mr S Plaskitt


Staff Govenor



Support Staff - from September 2018


Foundation Stage Unit

Mrs A Cole

Mrs A Turner

Year 1 Mrs R Bibi
Year 1/2 Miss C Howard
Year 2 Mrs R Higginson
Year 3 Mrs S Shepard
Year 3/4 Miss R Choudhury
Year 4 Mrs A Khatun
Year 5/6A Mrs S Khan
Year 5/6B Mrs Y Cope
Year 6 Mr D Thornton


Social Inclusion Team

Mrs R Begum (Community Worker)

Mrs K Manuell (Attendance Manager)


Office Staff

Mrs N Patel (School Business Manager)

Mrs S Barlow

Mrs R Ali



Mrs M Mycock