Current work


Science week, Silly Science - defying gravity, putting out candles with sound and air, blowing bubbles and thrust.

Setting up our science experiment to show why ancient people became farmers.

Our World Book Day poem with Bernard Young.

World Book Day - reading Cinderella stories from different countries.

Creating models to show how Cinderella stories are different.

Making Stone Age jewellery to show that the people had settled and made farms.

Making Stone Age jewellery to show that the people had settled and made farms. 1

How archaeologists find out about Stone Age people.



Last half term was very busy in Rowling. We went on a hunt and around school and found body parts belonging to a monster. We put him together and then came up with a description for him. We then looked at lots of way to write a character description and magpied ideas from ones we read. We created out own monsters and then using our targets we wrote our own description. 







We also had a visit from Fluffy the rabbit. She came in to see us and tell us all about how she needs to be looked after. She told us about the types of food she likes. Did you know giving a rabbit too many carrots isn't actually good for them?  We then learnt how to write a non-chronological report. Once we hand learnt how to and looked at different types of non-chronological reports, we wrote on based on our monster. 




We also learnt about friction in our topic lessons and to understand how friction worked in cars we had a look at Mrs Bawany's car. 





We carried out our own experiments testing different surfaces to see which made the car travel the furthest.