Current work

We have been learning about volcanoes. We watched a video clip of a volcano erupting and then we watched an experiment in class. Mrs Lloyd put Bicarbonate of soda in the pot and then poured in red food colouring and vinegar. Look at the photos to see what happened.

On Friday morning we came to school to find our dinosaur egg had cracked open and the baby dinosaur had hatched. We went on a hunt, using a map, binoculars, a magnifying glass and a torch. We found the dinosaur in the summer house. We learnt about using our imaginations to pretend that the egg was real. We are learning that dinosaurs are extinct and that the egg was pretend and for fun!

Zoolab Dinosaur Workshop - Today we looked at some animals and used their body parts to make our own imaginary dinosaur. We had the opportunity to look at and handle an African Land Snail, a hermit crab, a tarantula, a salamander, a snake and a hamster. We enjoyed looking at the animals that came to visit.

WORLD BOOK DAY - we have had such fun, snuggling down in the book corner, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate while we listened to our teacher's favourite stories.

We had a surprise visitor to our early years garden this morning. Pictures of a T-rex were captured, so we went on a dinosaur hunt and we found footprints and some eggs outside!

Our visit to Hyde Jamia Mosque

Our visit to St George's Church

We visited the library. It was a long walk and we had to be very careful crossing the busy road. When we got to the library we enjoyed reading lots of books.

Our Superstars