Autumn Term

Mince Pies 


The children enjoyed working together and following a recipe to make mince pies. 

EYFS Christmas Party 


We played lots of party games, ate Christmas dinner and even had a special visit from Santa who gave us all a present!

Christmas Cards and Crafts


In Early Years we have made Rudolph the Reindeer Christmas cards, snowman crafts and paper chains. We also enjoyed decorating our classroom ready for Christmas and are very excited for our Christmas party on Friday morning. We have written Santa an invitation to our party so we hope he comes! 

Foundation Unit Nativity


We enjoyed performing our Nativity to everyone this morning! Take a look at the photos of us dressed up in our costumes. 

Hot Chocolate 


We had a great time exploring the ice outside but it made us feel cold so we came inside and warmed ourselves up with hot chocolate. It tasted delicious. 


We made toast ready for the tea party in our classroom. Whilst making toast we discussed how to stay safe, how the bread changes and practised spreading the butter on the toast. Take a look at the photos below. 

Shopping Lists 

When we came into the classroom this morning we were shocked to find that the home corner was a mess! Somebody had eaten all the food and knocked the table and chairs on the floor. We then heard a roar coming from the corridor and quickly huddled together to keep safe and discuss what it could be. We decided it could have been a tiger who had eaten all our tea and we read the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. The children then wrote shopping lists of the foods that tiger ate/drank so Sophie and her parents know what they need to buy from the shop. Have a look at some examples below. 

Owl Babies 🦉 

We have been retelling the story ‘Owl Babies’, discussing the owls feelings in talk partners, matching owl feathers to numered owls and much more. Take a look at the photos below. 

This half term we will be continuing with the topic 'All About Me'  but we will be furthering this by looking at 'My Day and Night'. We will be linking 'My Night' with hibernation and work around the story Owl Babies. We will be linking 'My Day' with life at home and work around the story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. Click on our 'Class Information'  page to have a look at our curriculum map for this half term (Autumn 2) which will give you more information on all the exciting things we will be doing.

Apple Pie 🍎 


The children noticed apples growing on the trees outside. They looked ripe and ready to eat so we decided to pick them to make apple pie with. The children enjoyed using the apples to each make a mini apple pie in the kitchen. Take a look at the photos below. 

Walk to the Woods 


Today we went on a walk to the woods to look at how the leaves on the trees have changed now it is autumn. The children were able to answer how and why questions about what they observed. They also enjoyed having a paddle in the stream. 



This morning Mrs Koria taught us all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light that. We discussed similarities and differences between Diwali and other festivals and then Mrs Koria gave us all a sweet treat.


Today we created patterns by putting harvest vegetables in paint and printed them onto paper. 

Exercise Circuit 


Today we joined in Michael Churm (Paralympic Sprinter) in doing an exercise circuit in the hall. We felt our hearts beating fast after exercise and learn about why exercise is important to stay healthy.


Self Portraits 


This week we have been painting self portraits. We looked in mirrors at our faces then painted lines and circles to enclose spaces that represent our facial features. We tried to selected the correct colours and some of us even mixed red and white to make pink for our lips.

Leaf Printing 

Some of the leaves are starting to fall off the trees in our outdoor area so we deiced to use them to do leaf prints.


The children enjoyed weighing out and mixing ingredients to make playdough in the kitchen today. Take a look at the photos below.


This half term our topic is 'All About Me'. In this topic we will be singing songs about our bodies, labelling our bodies, looking at how we have changed since we were babies and much more! Click on our 'Class Information'  page to have a look at our curriculum map for this half term (Autumn 1) which will give you more information on all the exciting things we will be doing.